Do's and Don't for the BEST First Impression
posted by HLA_admin - 02/28/18

A recent article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy by Isa Catto gives some great “do’s and don’ts” for that first meeting with a donor (as well as follow-on encounters).
Small courtesies and proper engagement of your potential donor is key, and the author gives several suggestions to ensure you make a memorable first impression.  While some of these may seem purely common sense, they bear repeating, as you won’t get a second shot at that first impression.  
  1. Do your homework. (Use the internet to learn about their professional life and their giving patterns. But be careful--don’t know so much that you’re viewed as a stalker!)
  2. Learn how to pronounce the donor’s full name ahead of the meeting. 
  3. Leave early for your meeting in case there are delays enroute. (Don’t keep them waiting.) 
  4. Be present. (Take your coat off, put the phone away, smile and make eye contact, and try not to yawn!)
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