10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Written Content
posted by HLA_admin - 03/05/18

A recent article in Guidestar Blog has a list of 10 important ways to improve your nonprofit blog content. These 10 essential elements can help you maximize your opportunity to both inform them about your cause and encourage them to donate.
Here are a few:
  1. Research your keywords.  People use keywords to find content on-line, and you’ll want to include those that apply to your industry.  You can find them on Google, or by using a keyword research tool. 
  2. Research Your Target Market. You need to know whom you’re writing for. What characteristics do your donors share? What is the predominant demographic? Try using this info to tailor your language and tone. 
  3. Determine Why You Are Writing. What are you trying to achieve with this content? Educate? Inspire? Encourage them to act? Knowing your clear goals will help you create effective content.
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