Philanthropy In The Post-Tax Overhaul World
posted by HLA_admin - 03/07/18

A recent article in Financial Advisor, speaks to some predictions on the fallout of the recent Tax Overhaul. 
Early predictions were anchored in the fear that donors would find less incentive to give, due to the significant increase in the standard deduction--and that this scenario would edge out small donors and ultimately lead to a substantial reduction in charitable contributions.  
Vanguard Charitable’s Chief Philanthropic Officer disagrees: She does not believe the new law will cause a widespread Scrooge effect. 
“People will be more thoughtful in planning their giving—tax  advantages are only one of the reasons we give to charity.”
In fact, as one expert believes: “Wealthy people give to charities to make their community better. And the climate for giving is stronger than ever.”
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