Reasons You Might NOT Be Bringing In Major Gifts
posted by HLA_admin - 03/09/18

A recent article in Guidestar: Blog recounts some familiar roadblocks that often get thrown up and tend to keep money from flowing into the organization.
Here are a few:
1.  ATTITUDE: you may have an organizational culture that does not think major gift fundraising is important
  • Organizations that get this one right have a culture where the whole believes that fundraising is important to the mission, and they believe that donors themselves are partners in your work.
  • Change these attitudes and you’ll probably drastically increase your number of major gifts! 
2. FEAR: staff and board members fear in-person major gifts fundraising
  • Done right, people who think fundraising is distasteful or demeaning are silenced! 
  • Done right they embrace it and fully participate—they even enjoy it! 
3. CONFUSION: misunderstanding about how major gifts fundraising works.
  • Done right, your board understands that major gift fundraising is a long-term process. It takes patience and time. It’s not about selling. It’s about listening. 
Remove some of these roadblocks and you might find yourself bringing in a lot more money!
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