Cryptocurrency Enters the World of Philanthropy
posted by HLA_admin - 03/12/18

A recent article in nonprofitquarterly gives an update on the predicted use of “Cryptocurrency”. 
Cryptocurrency is a new form of digital money not linked to a government or central bank, and is made possible by a new platform called “blockchain technology”. 
Blockchain technology is a type of digital ledger for peer-to-peer transactions that is owned and maintained by the users of the system rather than being controlled by a central bank, like the Federal Reserve. “Bitcoins” are a well-known type of cryptocurrency and are beginning to be used in the nonprofit sector.
Recently, The Pineapple Fund, founded by an anonymous donor in December 2017, announced its intentions to give $86 million worth of Bitcoin to charity. Announcements such as this have prompted the charitable sector to adapt to receive such currencies.
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