Messaging Strategies that Work for Your NonProfit
posted by HLA_admin - 04/12/18

A recent article in NonProfitPRO by Leeann Alameda reminds us that never in history have there been so many charities—and all of them vying for attention—and donations. 
The result is a saturated and competitive market that forces nonprofits to stand out or die out.
Honing your marketing and messaging can make a real difference, says Alameda. She offers four tips to improve your marketing and communications, and build donor awareness and loyalty.
  1. Clarify your donor message – develop an authentic core message
  2. Be consistent-create simple guidelines and a style guide
  3. Develop great content-make it strong and creative
  4. Use date to couple with success stories – Combine success stories with facts and figures to demonstrate impact. 
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