How NonProfits Can Better Support Fundraisers
posted by HLA_admin - 06/29/18

An important question in the fundraising world is “how do you keep your good people” and “what do you lose when they don’t stay?”
This question is explored in a recent article in Charity Village by Mazarine Treyze and answered in an interview with fundraising expert Kashana Palmer.
“When we lose a fundraiser we lose the lifeblood it takes to grow donor partners.” We lose internal memory. And research and data also tell of the “staggering loss” of donor revenue that can occur, says Palmer.   
So how do you incentivize fundraisers to stay? Palmer believes it’s more than money.  “We don’t give enough credence to nonfinancial assets within an organization. What are some other types of things that would make life better for that fundraiser? And what makes them want to work harder? Many of us are intrinsically motivated, but everybody needs a good push. What is meaningful to the employee? Is it good health insurance? Is it a good leave system? Is it flexibility in time? You know, is it autonomy around task? Is it really well done social things for the organization?”