How the Pursuit of Perfection Could Be Hurting Your Fundraising Goals
posted by HLA_admin - 06/29/18

A recent article by David King in Forbes dives into ways that the pursuit of perfection can be the enemy. King gives 5 ways that he has witnessed this negative phenomenon that could be hurting your nonprofit. 
Here are 3:
  1. Perfection Consumes Time – Spending too much time on edits of documents such as case statements and appeals is a typical consumer of time. Be careful not to spend so much time on such material that you don’t have time to execute the campaign. 
  2.  Perfection Feeds Procrastination – While proper cultivation is a good idea, spending too much time waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect situation, the perfect setting can lead a fundraiser to never make the ask! Perfection is rarely attainable. Don’t procrastinate! 
  3. Perfection Encourages Donor Drift: In the pursuit of the perfect ask, you may lose a donor’s interest altogether. They may interpret your not asking for a contribution as “my help isn’t needed here.”
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