Benedictine Health System

The Benedictine Health System is one of the largest Catholic long term care organizations in the U.S. It operates in more than 40 communities throughout the Midwest and is notably distinguished by a penchant for quality care having received numerous awards from ACHA and NCAL mirroring Baldridge commendations.

It is further noted for its progressive concept of care known as Living Communities, featuring integrated campuses that cover the spectrum of health care needs and options that the issues of aging incur. As one might imagine, programs like these are not easily afforded by current reimbursement structures. Subsequently, the effort to augment current and future capital needs through philanthropy became a strategy of high priority and resulted in the partnership with Hillary Lyons Associates in 2006.

As thoughtful and progressive as they are about long term care, so too is their approach to the building of each facility’s foundation. In about 30 of the communities they serve, they established foundations to encourage local philanthropic support for the unique work they’re doing. To date about 18 of the facilities are establishing Hillary Lyons Community Development Councils.

With ongoing growth in community programming and greatly increased volunteer support the organization is preparing to grow to $10 million in sustainable annual charitable proceeds.

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