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The Schneck Foundation is the supporting organization for Schneck Medical Center located in Seymour, Indiana. The organization encapsulates its persona with the message:
“Better Healthcare Begins Here”.

Schneck Medical Center is licensed for 114 beds and employs a highly qualified and caring staff of more than 850 employees. The organization works with nearly 200 physicians of varying specialties inside a 260,000 square foot facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Schneck is non-profit institution and provides clinical services to more than 120,000 residents of Southern Indiana. Each year Schneck admits over 5,000 patients, conducts more than 9,000 surgical procedures, performs over 500,000 laboratory tests, sees more than 24,000 emergency cases, and brings more than 600 new lives into the world. In addition, they provide dozens of wellness programs, support groups, and healthcare classes for adults and children every year.

The Schneck Foundation was formed in 1953 to encourage, hold and administer gifts to the hospital. The purpose of the Foundation is to expand opportunity for donations and consistently re-evaluate the use of these funds toward services provided by the hospital. The members of the Foundation Board are dedicated to being good stewards of funds received.

In 2000, the Schneck Foundation enlisted the help and guidance of Hillary Lyons Associates to implement a Development Council within the structure of its existing foundation. This model would place special emphasis on long-term sustainable programs which rely heavily on relationship building with community constituencies.
The Development Council is a volunteer network of community and business leaders working to increase the ongoing community and philanthropic support of Schneck Medical Center. The Development Council provides a working link between Schneck and the community.

The Development Council is comprised of six committees of leading community volunteers. Each of the six committees conducts programs which communicate with, cultivate, solicit, and recognize specific publics. The ongoing activities vary, depending upon organizational needs. The Development Council committees, under the guidance of the Foundation Board of Directors, work to increase community involvement, service, communication and education, and awareness and vehicles for philanthropic involvement.
Gifts to the Foundation enable Schneck to improve and expand patient care services, purchase medical equipment upgrades, and provide educational activities and programs for their growing community.  In 2009, Schneck completed a $60 million expansion and renovation which allowed Schneck to provide its citizens with a state-of-the-art Cancer Center, Outpatient Care Center and new Emergency Department.
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Schneck Medical Center received one of the most significant accolades in the medical center’s history: the 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award - the prestigious national award for performance excellence. Schneck is the first community hospital in history to win the award. Hillary Lyons Associates is proud to have provided support and services to the Foundation during the time period for which the award was bestowed. 
Director of Development, Rexanne Ude, shared some insight from the hospital’s Baldrige Feedback Report which highlighted some key themes of the Hillary Lyons Associates' Development Council model which helped reinforce Schneck’s enormous commitment to their community and to Quality:
“Schneck Medical Center (SMC) exhibits a pronounced commitment to its social responsibilities in support of public health in the communities it serves. The organization aligns it priorities with needs of the community, a key stakeholder. SMC demonstrates this alignment through its volunteers and fundraising model of a Development Council. It is through the work of the Development Council’s volunteers and community leaders that SMC was able to build a Cancer Center as well as performing numerous health screenings for community members at no charge and serves as a major source of health information through educational programs and health fairs. This model provides evidence of SMC’s committed involvement and ongoing, strong relationship with the community and supports its strategic advantage of maintaining a strong market share in its primary service area.

The Foundation’s Development Council creates an opportunity for two-way communication between the organizational leadership and the community. SMC’s leadership is committed to this open environment and is available to discuss matters with community leaders serving as volunteers. This commitment to supporting the work of the Development Council helps SMC address the strategic challenge of receiving accurate feedback on customer satisfaction and expectations.

SMC utilizes the numerous formal and informal approaches, made available by the Development Council, to communicate with its volunteer, community and stakeholders which reflect its transparent culture. Organizational performance is measured and monitored, and results are shared with stakeholders in a transparent fashion to foster alignment, performance improvement and community engagement. SMC has also developed a strong employee- organizational relationship through its employee giving group. SMC has between 77 & 80 percent participation in giving back to the organization which demonstrates strong workforce loyalty, pride and engagement.”

Hillary Lyons Associates is honored to continue providing support, guidance and training to the Schneck Medical Center Foundation in its commitment to long-term, sustainable development.    

Photo taken in April 2012 at the White House
Pictured Left to Right: Dr. Patrick Gallagher, Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology; John Bryson, U.S. Secretary of Commerce; Gary A. Meyer, Schneck Medical Center President/CEO ; Tammy Dye, Schneck Medical Center Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Quality Officer; and, Debbie Collard, Baldrige Foundation Chair.

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