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Welcome to the Hillary Lyons News and Research resource area. Periodically, we like to post interesting white papers or research that pertains to health care philanthropy and trends within our sector. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute to this section.

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Some Facts About the New Tax Law

A recent article in Forbes reports on America’s new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  The new Tax Policy Center estimates that this legislation will shrink the number of households claiming an itemized deduction for their (charitable) gifts from about 37 million to 16 million in 2018.  

2017 Was a Banner Year for Giving: With 3 Gifts of $1 Billion+

2017 was the strongest year for giving in the past decade, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Three mega gifts helped bolster that statistic, coming from the some of the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs in the country: 

Get Ready for the "Philanthroteens" of Generation Z

Much has been written about the giving habits of Baby Boomers and Millennials, but right on their coattails we have the next group to decipher: “Generation Z”. An article in Classy blog tells us that this group--born 1996 and beyond--currently accounts for 27% of the world’s population. 

How Next-Generation Donors Will Revolutionize Giving

An article in the Denver Post reminds us of an astounding fact:

They're Coming: Voice-Command Donations

One hot technology on the market are “smart speakers” which are voice activated digital assistants that enable users to use their voice to command activities such as playing music, listening to news, making calls, watching video clips and shopping on-line (as well as controlling smart home devices such as thermostats and lights).

Stay Informed: The National Council of Nonprofits Reports on Pros and Cons of the Proposed Tax Reform Bill

A recent article on nonprofitquarterly reports on the much talked-about potential  tax reform bill.  If passed the proposal, along with the recently approved budget resolution, could drastically reshape the direction of the federal government and the lives of many it serves. Depending on the “lens” nonprofit leaders choose to evaluate the plan with—the pros and cons will look very different. 

Ways to Identify Planned Gift Prospects

Most nonprofits acknowledge the incredible importance of planned gifts to their institution. But identifying a planned gift prospect can be tough work. 

Don't Be the "Best Kept Secret" In Town

Chances are your nonprofit does some amazing work and has many compelling stories.  But often times organizations, typically faith based ones, do good works and then don’t boast about it.  And if people don’t know about your impact they simply are less likely to donate or volunteer for you.

Ways Leaders Can Inspire and Motivate Fundraising Teams

There are many examples of both positive and negative leadership styles that can either inspire staff or send morale plummeting.

Four Ways to Plan a Meaningful Gathering

‘Tis the season to plan conferences and retreats for the coming year!  A recent article in Stanford Social Innovation Review discusses 4 strategies to help you align your upcoming 2018 meetings and conferences with your organizational values.

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