Development Program Audit

development coordinatorHillary Lyons Associates can provide you with an assessment of your current fund development program and a blueprint to improve your program for the future!

Internal Program Audit
The Internal Program Audit is a two-day on-site service which provides a detailed study of the organization's past three to five years of fund development activity and results. Through the audit, we can asses your achievements and data, conduct interviews with your development staff, Chief Executive Officer, and Volunteer Chair to obtain an objective analysis of your current strengths and weaknesses, and provide suggestions on how to best build on your strengths and limit your weaknesses.

External Program Audit
The External Program Audit is a four-day on-site service which expands the Internal Program Audit with in-depth personal interviews of key volunteers and donors to assess their subjective reactions to the organization's current and past development activities and to help construct the best future approach. The External Program Audit not only gives you a picture of your current program but also provides a suggested plan of action for the next twelve months.


Hillary Lyons Associates offers educational opportunities throughout the year for both non-clients and exclusively for clients.

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